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All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail. With up to a three-day processing time before it is shipped. It is likely it will ship sooner.
Spelled candles are already spelled with the listed intention. They work by lighting them according to the directions. Conjure candles work by invocation and you stating your desire and intent. Both are extremely effective.
Everyone’s situation is different and requires different methods. Spelled candles should show movement within days or sooner. Depending on the kind of Conjure candle, movement can happen within days or weeks. The more you use them the more you will see how each candle works for you.
Since there are no exchanges, there aren't any refunds
Absolutely! I have been very successful doing so.
These are two different kinds of intent. However, you can light them at the same time. You do not have to wait until one burn out or is put out in order to light the other.
You can let the candles burn until they burn out or let them burn at least six hours per spell or conjure. At that time, they can be put out and used again (and again) until the entire candle is completely burned.
Yes, you can use multiple Conjure candles at once. It is recommended depending on the situation. For example; if you want to bring a lover to you but need to make sure they admire you when they do, then those two combinations (above) will work perfectly together. It’s a complete system that you put together. You know your situation better than anyone and what it needs. Using multiple Conjure candles together to implement your results is better.
• Absolutely, and it's recommended that you do. Burn each session for 6 hours and snuff it to be reused again.