What is Protection Work and Why It is so Important?

What is Protection Work and Why It is so Important?

Protection in HoodooIf y'all are familiar with me, you know how much I talk about protection work. It is the basis of Hoodoo and Conjure Work. This is one of the first steps in this work and it is IMPERATIVE. You see how I emphasized that word "IMPERATIVE?" I did that to grab your attention and let you know just how important it is. Did it work? I hope so!

Hoodoo originated and was created by slaves enslaved in America as a result of the Transatlantic slave trade. Many people get into this practice for the wrong reasons- to dominate someone, try to make someone love them, and for glitter and gold, but this practice was used for SURVIVAL. I emphasized that word as well because I want to stress the importance of that also.

Although protection work may seem boring.... it is a part of the process that many people tend to skip. Protection is used to protect yourself and your family- mentally, physically, and most definitely spiritually. When we talk of protection we talk about layers of protection. What do I mean by this?

Layers of protection are your multiple protection workings. Let's give an example... taking a spiritual bath of fiery wall of protection is one layer. Anointing with fiery wall of protection oil is a second layer. Cleansing your home with ammonia or fiery wall of protection floor wash is a 3rd layer. Putting railroad spikes outside of your home, this is another layer, a 4th layer; participating in a ritual or doing candle workings, this is a 5th layer. You get the picture? You can never have enough protection!

I do not want to seem like I am shoving this down your throat, well yes I am! That is how important it is. I have seen many instances where people have done protection and have seen negative people and  toxic relationships removed from their lives; they have been protected from detrimental situations, and the list goes on and on. Make sure this is something that you stay up on consistently. When I say consistently, I mean not just one time. Make it a ritual to do this type workings at least once per week or at least lay down protection once a month.

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