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Florida Water Air Freshener & Deodorizer Hoodoo/Spirtual Cleansing

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Florida Water, a Hoodoo staple, is a traditional tool for spiritual cleansing and protection. The fragrant botanicals are the source of the water’s power. They attract good fortune, and benevolent spirits to whomever, or wherever the water is used. Florida Water essentially raises the vibration of whatever it comes into contact with making it unsuitable for negativity and harm to thrive, and linger.

Florida Water can be used as a base for any energetic and magical application. It can be used for baths, floor washes, and for anointing. It is a powerful tool for spiritually cleansing your home after a difficult time, or when dealing with extremely negative entities. It can also be used to clear, and reprogram crystals, gems and jewelry.

Some practitioners even use Florida Water as a type of offering to their ancestors, spirits and other forms of Divinity. It is a wonderful tool for blessing a shrine, altar or sacred space. You can mist a room with it before a Reiki session, or an intuitive reading.

The mixture is a combination of water, alcohol and essential oils. It has a strong citrus scent, with floral undertones and a slight earthy smell.


8 Oz Florida Water Air Freshener & Deodorizer