Better Business / Get Customers Ritual

Better Business / Get Customers Ritual

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Better Business / Get Customers Ritual

Better Business Ritual will attract more customers, Increase Sales, Encourage New Clients, More Money, and Positive Energy To Both Online and Offline Businesses!

I Have Seen Several Companies Go From Nothing To A Thriving 10k+ A Month Business, This Is Great For New Businesses, Slow Businesses, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Employees That Work For Commission and Much More!

This Spell Will Give You Financial Relief In ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE !

I Chose Sunday Because, Thats The Day Of Wealth, Success and Open Roads ULTIMATELY Great for Career Also!

I Only Do Up To 10 A Week So Get Your Spot Now !

During This Service I Will Inscribe Your Name , Your Business, Your Goals and Date Of Birth On A Chime Candle (you’ll need to send me that info and your logo) And Burn It In Your Honor As I Ask The Spirits To Bless You. I Also Make An Offering To Spirit On Your Behalf. When ordering , leave these details in Notes on Checkout or simply message me 

I will message you directly with pictures of your candle post-ritual.

My beautiful spirits have been incredibly generous with their assistance thus far as many have witnessed for themselves



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