Master Conjure & Ritual Classes For Beginners

Master Conjure & Ritual Classes For Beginners

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Teaching those how to do Candle Work, to manifest what they want in life, Protection Work, Chants, Manifestation and so Much More 

Course Syllabus 

What will You learn in this Class | Course?

  • Module 1: Introduction to Hoodoo
  • Module 2: Spiritual Cleansing 
  • Module 3: Laying Tricks
  • Module 4: Making Requests / Petitions
  • Module 5: Hoodoo and Candles
  • Module 6: Herbs and Incense
  • Module 7: Oils, Potions and Powders
  • Module 8: Other Hoodoo Tools
  • Module 9: Seals /Sigils
  • Module 10: Dreams and Divination


Who Would Benefit from this Class | Course?


  This Class | Course is designed for those who want to understand hoodoo and its practices. It is suitable for complete beginners with no background in hoodoo or any other form of folk magic. It is also useful for those who practice or are interested in other forms of folk magic who want to expand their horizons. As this is a practical class | course, it will suit people who want to learn through a hands-on approach.


Notice: Offering Classes One on One, Online and Group Classes