Tame Lamb Candle
Tame Lamb Candle

Tame Lamb Candle

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 Tame Lamb has been designed to overcome your enemies, tame wild people in your life and bring them to your feet, keep your partner from cheating, tame fights between lovers, or to keep people submissive to your needs.


blends of poppy seed, licorice root, calamus, alkanet root, guinea pepper and a few other compelling herbs.


tame Lamb that’s on the altar, conquer my enemies who are against me; let my heart incarnate in his, as Jesus Christ incarnated, and commanded San Lazaro, and he conquered, like I shall conquer this traitor enemy. With two I see  you, with three I hold you, with the blood of Jesus Christ your heart I shall break apart. As my enemies approach, their eyes shall be covered and arms tied so they can’t harm me. If they ask me for Christ’s blood, I will not give to them. Lord I ask you to bring him to me, and he shall come tamed like a sheep and kneel before me: you have the power to conquer him my Lord. If  (him) devil tries something against me, if to court he goes, he  will not win, if a lawyer he tries to hire, they will all refuse. Jesus Christ, like a lamb you will be in me, when they see me they will faint. Amen.The Haus of Shanel candles are each delicately prepared to contain specific magick according to their themes. Draw love, good fortune, and success into your life as the energy burns and fills your space with powerful vibrations. Different color candles will draw different energies. White candles are always good to have on hand, because they draw light energy and protection. Quickly cleanse a space of negative energy, by burning a white candle. Pink candles work to bring love and affection to you. Green candles will draw money and success, and so on. The Haus Of Shanel has done all the work of picking colors, blessing, and dressing the candles for you, so all you need to do is burn them and set your intentions. We offer an array of candles for specific wishes and desires. All of our products are pleasing to the eye and packed with positivity, boosting your spirits and energy before you even begin to burn them. Burn them in your space upon receipt to begin reaping the full benefits