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Third Eye Oil

Third Eye Oil

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Third Eye Oil helps open and purify the pineal gland. This oil is made with herbs and crystals used to stimulate and open this Chakra. As it opens you begin to experience heightened perception, intuition, synchronicity, and spiritual experiences. Use during mediation and during candle ritual. The Third Eye Chakra is your sixth Chakra and is located on your forehead just above the bridge of your nose. It is responsible for what we refer to as our sixth sense and our inner voice. It allows you to see things as they truly are and plays a key role in vision, memory, and imagination. A Third Eye Chakra imbalance can cause physical and emotional symptoms such as:

Heightened skepticism
Vivid dreams
Poor vision
High blood pressure

To use: Anoint your energy center using a circular motion. Concentrate on it being open, active, and balanced.



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